Unsere Projekte

Assembly of scaffolding components in Wismar

Transport of floating jetties

Assembly aid overseas port Rostock

Dismantling and transport of a crane runway

New construction of a sports hall in Greifswald

Assembly aid in Stralsund seaport

Setting a steam boiler in Röbel

New building Neptun shipyard in Warnemünde

Luxury yacht in Greifswald

Link to video -Luxusyacht in Greifswald to the water- from the NDR from 04.07.2017 19:30

Nordmagazin – 04.07.2017 – 7:30 pm

Implementation of a beach bar in Lubmin on the harbor

Installation in two-tank operation of a 21m high tank in the Mecklenburgische Brauerei Lübz GmbH

Dismantling of a TDK 280 EC-H12 from the “company Friedrich Niemann” with our 500 to Telekran on the construction site Rostock / Warnemünde “Am Mollenfeuer”

Implementation of a 22 m long bridge in the overseas port of Rostock

Setting a 34to galvanizing furnace and a 41.5 ton boiler at Zinkpower Rostock

Acceptance of the conquest of the Church of the Holy Spirit Church
in Rostock

Exchange of the tip of the water tower in Bad Segeberg with the mobile crane